Feeding Mission in Guadalupe!

September 18, 2017

Members of RC Cebu East and Rise Above, with Dr. Tony Chua stirring the pot!

On Sunday September 17, the Rotary Club of Cebu East sponsored a feeding mission in the Guadalajara section of Guadalupe, Cebu City. We partnered with the Rise Above Foundation, who have had a site in the area for several years.






Over 300 people from the neighboring squatters’ area were fed a delectable and healthy concoction of porridge, vegetables, and meat. Most of the direct recipients were young children, who came to collect the food in bowls and bring it to their families. The mission commenced at 7:30am and lasted till shortly past noon.







A scene from the Squatters Area



A family in the Squatters Area


Dispensing food to kids


Tom McKinley author

RC Cebu East president Tom McKinley with girl from Squatters Area











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