Raising Money for a Child’s Kidney Dialysis and Transplant

May 16, 2017

Most 12-year-olds don’t have to undergo kidney dialysis every day of their lives. Most 12-year-olds don’t wake up with the thought that they will die soon if they don’t get a kidney transplant.


Unfortunately, this is the case for Nikka Codesar-Lucido, from Cebu City. Nikka is very much like other girls her age – she likes school, and spending time with her friends and family. But unlike others, she has the daily struggle of dealing with a serious kidney disease.

Nikka is the daughter of Manny Lucido, a former president of the Rotary Club of Cebu East. Manny, now deceased ten years, was a beloved Rotarian both in his club and the community, and truly embodied the spirit of Rotary. Since his passing, Nikka’s mother, Nice Codesar-Lucido, has had to bear all the costs of her daughter’s dialysis treatment.

With all this in mind, we at Cebu East are asking Rotarians in the Philippines and around the world to contribute to helping young Nikka. While her monthly costs for dialysis treatment are nearly USD 1,000, Nikka will die if she cannot have a kidney transplant.

In total, we are aiming to raise a sum which will enable Nikka to have both her monthly treatment and a transplant. We are asking Rotarians to look into their hearts and help a fellow Rotarian’s daughter live a normal healthy life.

Our incoming Club secretary, Mr. Joop van Kessel, is running this project and can be reached at joopvankessel@gmail.com. Here’s Joop with Nikka and her mom:

Thus far, we have raised USD 2,000 for Nikka, which was presented to Nikka and her mom by incoming president Tom McKinley:

Tom McKinley author

Incoming president Tom McKinley with Nikka and her mom


Please reach out to us with any questions, and try to help a sweet young girl who just wants a better chance at life.




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