Bundles of Joy in Lusaran!

December 13, 2020 0 Comments

On Sunday December 13 2020, the Rotary Club of Cebu East undertook our annual Christmastime Bundles of Joy distribution. This year, we distributed in the barangay of Lusaran, in the northern part of Cebu City.

Our Club president, Heinz Ackermann, organized the mission along with Club Secretary Winston Pepito and PP Derick Bulkley. Rotary wives Eva Ackermann and Catherine Pepito also joined the mission, offering their kindness and support.

The Bundles of Joy contained healthy food and snacks, including rice, canned meats and fish, noodles, and coffee. We distributed a total of 200 bags. Financial support for this mission came through contributions from Club members.

As always, the Rotary Club of Cebu East is thankful for the opportunity to bring some Yuletide cheer to residents of our beloved Cebu community! We thank the people of Lusaran for making this an enjoyable day for all.

Please find below some pictures from the mission!

Packed and ready to go: Club Secretary Winston Pepito and President Heinz Ackermann, with 200 Bundles of Joy

RCCE President Heinz Ackermann distributes a Bundle of Joy

Club Secretary Winston Pepito addresses the people of Lusaran

PP Derick Bulkley gives Bundle to villager

Eva Ackermann, our First Lady, with lady from Lusaran

Club Secretary Winston Pepito with elderly villager

Citizens of Lusaran

Citizens of Lusaran

Left to right: PP Derick Bulkley, Catherine and Winston Pepito, President Heinz and Eva Ackermann
RC Cebu East with barangay leaders from Lusaran

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