The history of the Rotary Club of Cebu East begins on January 12, 1981, the date of the Club’s founding. Since then, the Club has maintained a spirit of serving the community and helping those in need. Our projects have run the full spectrum from large to small, in such areas as water, health, education, and community improvement.

In the past few years, RC Cebu East has:

  • provided aid to victims of Typhoon Yolanda
  • conducted innumerable dental missions to provide dental care to poverty-stricken families
  • supported CARE, a school in Cordova for poor children
  • supported an orphanage in Guadalupe run by Franciscan nuns
  • raised money for a variety of causes
  • helped promote the eradication of polio
  • aided disabled adults with finding a livelihood
  • and many more projects